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Ark of Taste

The Ark of Taste is an online catalogue of foods at risk of disappearing that are a part of cultures and traditions of the entire world.

Plant and animal species are to be found onboard the Ark, but also processed products, because, together with plant and animal biodiversity, cheeses, cured meats, breads and sweets, expressions of farmers’ and artisans’ knowledge are also disappearing – knowledge that exists not in written recipes, but as complex and rich skills and practices passed down through generations.

Facilitated by the Slow Food Movement, the Ark of Taste recognises over 6,000 products worldwide that are at risk of becoming extinct due to modern farming practices and environmental issues. These products are also celebrated due to their contribution to culture, history and tradition. The Tasmanian Honey Company’s founder, Julian Wolfhagen, undertook the task to have Leatherwood Honey added to this list, and was successful in his efforts.

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