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Directly from our hive, to your door. International shop online now ~ Share every sweet moment with your family and friends We have 6 different kinds of package, from PET to Glass Jar. International online shopping guide Package set 國界不再是侷限,塔斯馬尼亞蜂蜜國際直送服務 與家人好友分享來自澳洲塔斯馬尼亞州生產的純天然蜂蜜 我們有六種不同的規格及包裝,從塑膠瓶到玻璃瓶等。 目前可運送的國家有:新加坡、香港、臺灣、中國 從訂購付費完成到蜂蜜抵達時間約為5~7個工作天 國際線上購物指引 國際包裹示範圖片 If you still need help, please contact us through…

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Share Your Honey & Your Love

Share Your Honey & Your Love Take a photo with The Tasmanian Honey Co. honey and your Valentine. Post on your facebook wall between 24/01-14/02 and #tasmanianhoneycompany , and make post public. We will randomly choose two couples to receive the Tasmanian Honey Co. Valentine’s Special Gifts. Valentine’s Special Gift, including: 2 x Jar of Tasmanian…

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The Queen Bee

We’ve all heard of the matriarchal bee, the queen bee, we’ve probably named the odd person a queen bee but do we actually know who she is? The queen bee is typically a mated, adult bee that is often the mother of almost all the bees in a hive. Her main feature, accessory and weapon is a…

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Mind your own Beeswax

Our hives are buzzing with colonies of talented little bees making our pure Tasmanian honey and beeswax. Although honey is our bread and butter, we are continuously fascinated by the creations of our skilful bees – most notably, beeswax. Why bees make beeswax Bees naturally produce beeswax to build their hexagonal combs to raise their…

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Harvesting Leatherwood Honey in Tasmania

Leatherwood honey, a Tasmanian icon (beekeeping in the antipodes). Where do you find Leatherwood Honey? Any observation of beekeeping in Tasmania is synonymous with the unique honey produced here called Leatherwood, a name derived from the “leathery” texture of the wood. This species forms part of the genus Eucryphia of which there are seven sub-species…

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Tasmanian Honey Company Blog

Welcome to The Tasmanian Honey Company blog. As part of our blog, we hope to share information about our business, our honey, ways in which you can use our honey and more. If you have any questions about our honey, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Warm regards, Tasmanian Honey Company