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Leatherwood Honey Dippers

Posted on: 12 Sep 2017

Is there anything better than sticking a honey dipper into a fresh pot of Tasmanian Leatherwood honey and drizzling it over some porridge or toast?

Leatherwood honey is unique to Tasmania and comes from the Leatherwood Tree (Eucryphia Lucida) that grows in the moist understory of the wild rainforests on the west coast of Tasmania. The partnership between the bees and the Leatherwood tree account for the production of 70% of honey in Tasmania. The flavour of Leatherwood honey is described as spicy and piquant with floral hints and an aromatic flavour.

The Leatherwood tree is an attractive plant used in both horticulture and apiculture that grows a white flower with four petals in the spring and summer months. Leatherwood, as a timber is favoured for its workability, fine grain and beautiful finish.

At the Tasmanian Honey Company we are proud to produce uncompromised Tasmanian honey that is as natural as nature intended. So when you enjoy a jar of cold-pressed, smooth and flavoursome Leatherwood honey we recommend using a Leatherwood Honey Dipper from our friends at Hammersmith. The Honey Dippers are made from 100% Tasmanian Leatherwood and available to purchase from our Perth store or online at Hammersmith.


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