Bee Pollen Granules 250g (Raw)


Bee Pollen is one of nature’s unique and complex superfood. It is flower pollen that bees collect for their food and energy. The excess bee pollen found on the body and legs of worker bees is collected harmlessly as they enter the beehive.

Australian by Nature Bee Pollen is unprocessed pure multi-floral pollen, a mixture of yellow, orange and amber granules from a variety of Australian flora. Pollen is dried using ambient dry air at room temperature (not heat treated), maintaining optimum freshness quality.

Health benefits: Nature’s most unique and complex superfood, 100% natural, An ideal dietary supplement, Gluten free.

Serving suggestion: 1 or 2 teaspoons daily. Consume straight from the bag or to vegetable jucies, fruit juices or smoothies. Sprinkle on top of cereal, yoghurt or diced fruit.

Not recommended for use in hot foods as this may destroy enzymes and nutrients.

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