Christmas Bush


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A small tough wiry tree growing on the rocky hills of inland Tasmania produces this outstanding honey with its buttery smooth marzipan like complexity, it is one of our richest and most complex flavoured honeys.

A herald of our antipodean summer Christmas – The Bursaria erupts with flowers, millions of tiny white flowers the shape of a burning star – this is our Christmas Bush.

Its flavour best described as soft and mellow with marzipan tones. This honey is very heat sensitive and candies with a wonderful fine texture.

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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm
Carton of Honey

1kg Plastic PET – 6pcs in carton, 250g Glass HoneyEater – 12pcs in carton, 350g Printed Metal Can – 12pcs in carton, 400g Glass HoneyEater – 12pcs in carton, 500g Plastic Jar – 12 units in carton